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PICK ME UP kicks off tonight at Somerset House! I’m showing some prints and a sewing and these guys as part of the SKULL PARADISE’ ‘BAD TRIP’ exhibit alongside JAMES BURGESS, SOPHY HOLLINGTON, IDIOT’S PASTURE & PIPPA TOOLE

Exhibiting 2 new prints at PICK ME UP next week as part of SKULL PARADISE’ BAD TRIP

Poster of a poster for ‘COME OUT TO PLAY’, a The Warriors themed exhibition showing all week at 5th Base Gallery, Shoreditch, London

If you’re around London tomorrow, why not come to 5th Base Gallery in Shoreditch to the opening of New Rule Collective’s THE WARRIORS themed exhibition ‘Come Out To Play’! I’ve got a print in it and also an EMBROIDERY! More importantly there is free rum.


Current SALE graphic. You can stretch it out and everything!

Not my usual style but here is a  pencil sketch I did for the new UO website


Last month I had the incredible privilege of getting to loiter around the set for Michel Gondry’s music video for Metronomy’s Love Letters. Here are some potatoes I took!

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